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The Historic Armenia Project is a publishing venture that aims to educate about the culture and heritage of the Armenian nation in historically Armenian lands that are today occupied by foreign powers.

The latest venture of the Project is the publication of THE ARMENIAN HIGHLAND: WESTERN ARMENIA AND THE FIRST ARMENIAN REPUBLIC OF 1918.

This 312-page hardcover book features a hand-sewn binding and is printed on archival paper, perfect components for a work of art that is destined to become a family heirloom.

The market for most books about Armenia is too small to make them commercially viable. Therefore, many large book publishers avoid the subject. If we want to see top-quality books in print about Armenia, then we must extend our support before publication, as well as afterward.

Support this book project with your gift of $200 or more and receive one autographed and personalized copy of THE ARMENIAN HIGHLAND. Be sure to specify your personalized message on the contact form when making your gift.

Support this project with your gift of $35 or more and receive on autographed copy of the Year 2022 Artsakh Calendar (while supplies last).

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